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Why every man should learn how to dance

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Ballroom Lessons and Dancing in Kalamazoo and Portage MI


Monday Nights - Closed


Add Some Spice to Your Life and Join the Fun!

Who hasn't watched that Ballroom Dance couple 

at the Wedding and wished it were them?

  ** All  Ages  **

Singles or Couples - No Partner Needed   

What Married Couple Doesn't Need a Night Out?

Romantic Skills that last a lifetime.


Come Join Us.

Monday Night Dance is a very comfortable place to learn.  You'll meet a friendly group of people all here for the same reason, learning to dance.

   - Affordable group classes

   - no contracts or packages 

   - Just $8 when you come.   

   - Does it get any easier than that?

Open Dance included after the lesson gives you an immediate time to practice before you forget what you've just learned.

The Best Things Happen When You're Dancing!

The King and Queen of Dance!

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Health Benefits of Dancing


Ballroom Dancing is about enjoying life and staying young.