History of Monday Night Dance

Phil Martin

Phil has built the tradition of Monday Night Dance from 2006 to 2017.  I am deeply grateful for discovering the "joy of dance" at Monday Night Dance.

Bob Northrup

Bob started Monday Night Dance about 2002 or 2003.  There was a year or so of dance before coming to Westminster Recreation Hall.

Let's Dance Flyer

Flyer Feb 2018 (1) (1) (pdf)


Monday Night Dance

Rick Walters

I took over the reigns and began teaching March 2017, after attending Monday Night Dance for 9 years.  Though I had a couple brief exposures to Ballroom Dance prior to this, Monday Night Dance has been the reason for me catching "Dance Fever,"  and the foundation for my dancing.

My Goal

Is to help keep you engaged in the learning process until you truly discover the "Joy of Dance." 

The 3 Obstacles to Learning are:  

1.  Showing up.  

2.  Stop worrying about what others think.  

3.  Perseverance - keep at it. 

Once you catch the fever, you are just enjoying each moment of dance.

Be patient with yourself

It takes a year to cover the dances we teach at Monday Night Dance.  Each dance becomes a little bit easier to learn, as you feet and body learn to move to the rhythm of the music.   Rhythm and moving in expression in the dance will continue to grow with time.  Enjoy the Journey! 

Learning to Dance is a Journey

Don't forget to smell the roses along the way.  I have enjoyed every dance along the way, even in the beginning when it was not pretty.  Its just all an enjoyable  experience, and as you really begin to forget about what it looks like, or who's watching, the "joy" meter just really explodes!

About Us

Leslie Ivens

Helping out on Monday Nights for more than 7 years.

Marie Lynn

Marie has been helping again since March 2017.  She had previously helped some with Bob Northrup in the early years.

Channel 3 News Clip

They were interviewing Owen near the entrance when we walked in.

Had no idea the camera was on.  Music had started playing before the lesson and didn't want to waste a song!

Watch News Cip

Ron Dunlap

Ron likes to be around all of you!

Ron doesn't dance, but has been the Monday Night icon at the sign in table for years.  Prior to the last year which slowed him a bit, Ron had thanklessly worked behind the scenes to prepare the building for your dance night of fun. 

Darin Bower

Darin is here like clockwork and now doing most all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes doing what Ron used to do by himself. Seldom seen, if you are here as we close, be sure and tell him how much you appreciate all his effort preparing the dance hall for you.

My Thrive Experience

Ballroom Dancing is about enjoying life and staying young.

There is only so much though that exercise alone can do.