Are You Thriving or Feeling the Clock Wind Down?

Mom said, "I really don't care what's in it.  Just don't ever let me run out."

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My Thrive Experience

My Story

I have struggled for over 2 years with keeping fit for dance, my legs feeling heavy and crampy.  To stay ahead of this I needed to ride my bide 3-4 miles twice a week, and walk 2-3 miles twice a week.  Winter fitness would suffer from not being able to continue.

Summer 2017 I aggravated my right knee and lost the ability to walk and bike for a month or so.  Surviving dance class with a knee support sleeve.  I suddenly found myself losing ground and struggling to keep fit for dance.  My weight was inching up and for the first time I couldn't stop it doing everything I knew to do.  OMG!

I was introduced to Thrive in a way I just couldn't ignore.

I Started My Thrive Experience in October 21, 2017. 

Summary of my journal notes:

Week 1:

  - vision became sharper

  - sleep improved

  - Legs feeling light and loose.

  - Eliminated taking 800 mg/day of Ibuprofen - had taken for 5+ years.

Week 2:

  - Post Monday Night Dance exhaustion on Tues - gone.

  - Feeling leaner - 2 people have told me I looked leaner.

  - Down 4 lbs end of week.

  - Restless leg - which bothered me at night - gone.

Week 3:

  - Have not exercised as normal since start - down 5 lbs.  Rainy then cold.

Week 4:

  - Feeling very lean in upper body like I've been working out - but haven't.

Week 5:

  - My balance has improved dramatically. (this one thing is hard to put a price tag on)

Week 6:

  - Down 6 lbs in spite of Thanksgiving.

  - Age spots on the back of my hands are greatly diminished.  (who'd have figured that?)

Week 8:

  - Not exhausted after KIA 3 1/2 hours of dance.

  - Down 8 lbs.

4 months - February - leveled off at 10 lbs down from start.

Thinking about starting some exercise now.  It is quite a motivator to experience what appears to be renewing of youthful hormone levels, and the enhanced payback that may give for exercise.

These benefits actually came with:

  -  no changes in my dance activity level, 

  - and during a loss of fair weather biking and exercise walks.  

I simply added Thrive.

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First impressions from real Thrivers trying the THRIVE Experience...

Ballroom Dancing is about enjoying life and staying young.  

There is only so much though that exercise alone can do.

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